Send real time announcements to employees

Send office updates, closures, new developments to teams. Keep employees up to date for maximum flexibilities.
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Send out updates with targeting

Emails often get lost when employees need to focus on their daily work. With WOX, administrators can send out messages only to the relevant people at the right place. Announcements stand out of the clutters when it is needed.

Audience Selection

Share updates, guideline changes or office news to entire team or specific departments, locations or user groups.

Read Tracking

Know how many people have read messages. Make sure the right people has received and viewed your messages.

Right information, Right context

Integrated with workplace management platform, announcements are relevant to the task at hand. Improve your employee experience with the right information when they need to use workplace resources such as desk or room booking, work planning and more.

Work Planning

Notify employees of office open hours, visit policy changes and other news so employees are well prepared for their flexible work.

Visit guides

Share office guides to welcome your visitors to your workplace with right information. Know what is the requirements to meet guests.
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