Manage your workplaces visually with interactive Floor Map Editor

No more static floor plan images. Visualize your workplace with our interactive floor maps, empower employees and visitors to find and book desks and rooms with an intuitive user experience

Unlock the potential of Floor Maps

Interactive desk and room drawing, alignment tools, property editors, and drag-and-drop interfaces. WOX's intuitive map editor is easy to use and convenient to manage.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop desks or draw rooms with shapes matching your floor plan. Adjust their positions accurately with adjustment tools.

Bulk desk editing

Drag to select a range of desks and bulk edit their positions or properties. It makes changing a large quantities of desks orders of magnitude faster than before.

Search on map

Search desks, rooms, or people on map. Use our way-finding technology to find the exact position on map.

Realtime Updates

Desks and rooms status are updated and indicated with different colors at realtime. No more outdated information about physical spaces.
Dashboard mockup

Drag and drop to edit

An interactive map is a thousand times better than static floor plan images. WOX floor map editor offers a visual drag and drop interface for easily designing and adjusting your workplace layouts.

Drag and Drop Editing

Simply drag and drop desks or rooms, and move them around on floor map. Build a floorplan in minutes.

Bulk Updates

Bulk select desks and rooms to update them in a batch. With map visualization it gets never easier.

Interactive Booking

With a flexible workplace, it is essential for employees to know about the dynamic workplace quickly. With realtime status and interactive map booking tools, teams can work more efficiently.

Realtime Status

Resource reservations and occupancy are updated realtime on the map. No more outdated information and wasted time finding the resources to use.

Team Collaboration

Find where colleagues are working today, or assign people to seat close together to facilitate collaborations. With a map it's much easier.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Visualize Space Traffic and Trends

Visualize how your space is utilized, and spot the trends that helps you make informed decisions on optimizing space layouts further.

Floor Heatmap

Use a heatmap to quickly spot which resources or areas are most frequently used.


Identify trends in a time range so you are prepared for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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