Book Rooms on Microsoft Outlook

Make room reservations at the same time sending a meeting request. Realtime availability keeps away of conflicted bookings and helps recapture abandoned rooms.
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Quick setup

With WOX it is very easy to set up Office 365 integrations, either using Enterprise App method or Service Account method. Choose one that best meets your experience and security requirements.

Enterprise App

Integrating WOX as an enterprise application is the easiest way to get started with global security.

Service Account

If you're concerned with global administrator privilege, you may use Service Account for integrations.

Bi-Directional Synchronization

Rooms booked on Outlook are synchronized to WOX systems in a second, and vice versa. Bi-Directional Synchronization ensures there is no double booking or mysterious cancellation with realtime updates across platforms.

From Office 365

When notified of a change from Office 365, WOX systems automatically updates resources based on the latest information.

To Office 365

Rooms booked on WOX is sent to Office 365 system, marking the resource as reserved.
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Dashboard mockup

Privacy and Security

WOX only synchronizes necessary information for specified resources. Set up Exchange Mailbox permissions to ensure WOX is  permitted to access only the allowed resources, instead of every employee's work calendar.


WOX only synchronizes meeting title, room, time. No attendees data are synchronized to protect privacy. If you need extra privacy, click "Private" to hide meeting host, attendees, and title information.


With permission settings on resource Mailboxes, WOX is only allowed to access calendars of specified rooms, not employee's calendar.

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