WOX for Microsoft Teams

Book and find desks or rooms without leaving your favorite team collaboration tools.

Book desks, rooms and manage visitors in Microsoft Teams

If your company is on Microsoft Teams, WOX Apps for Microsoft Teams offer the most efficient way to collaborate on desks and rooms booking, visitors management and more

Microsoft Teams Bot

Bot helps employees to quickly book a desk or room, view calendars and receive notifications when reservation is upcoming.

Maps in Teams

Open WOX Apps in Teams and view floor map to get visual updates on every desk and room. Uses can immediately book or cancel a room or desk.


Featuring a simple, familiar and intuitive user experience, very little training is required to navigate around and book a resource on demand.

Seamless Integration

WOX Apps use Microsoft Teams Single Sign On and Teams Branding to be consistent with your company's other tools.
Dashboard mockup

One-Click Install

Install WOX Desks, Rooms and Visitors with one click in Microsoft Teams Store and make it available to your employees in minutes.

Interactive Floor Map in Teams

View floor maps in Microsoft Teams without opening additional application windows. Book desk and rooms with one click. View daily schedules right inside Microsoft Teams and chat with teammates to coordinate spaces.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Single Sign On

Authorized users are signed on automatically when opening WOX Apps, eliminating needs of managing and entering passwords.