Occupancy Sensor, 100% Privacy Guaranteed

Know whether room or desk is occupied without invading privacy. Optimize workplace usage for high employee satisfaction.
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According to a study by the International Facility Management Association, up to 30% of office space is typically unoccupied at any given time..

Revolutionize Workplace Experience with Occupancy Sensing

Beyond booking a desks, our system enables employees to check desk occupancy using sensors, see who is coming to office, where they sit, encourage office attendances, enhance collaborations, and manage with maximum flexibility.

Desk and Room Booking

Keep track of current usage in real-time and simplify the process of reserving rooms and desks.

Create safer spaces

Manage the challenges of returning to the office by assisting team members in selecting safe seating based on current occupancy information provided by sensor data.

Enhance employee experience

Design workplaces that people enjoy using with the valuable data provided by our Area Sensor and Insights Platform.

Workplace analytics

Gain insight into busy areas, and how people use seating and standing areas in order to make more informed decisions and plan effectively.
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Easy installation

Simply attach our sensors to room ceiling or walls. No wired networking or cabling required. 90% lower installation and maintenance cost.


Our sensor is using wireless technology to communicate with our services. There is no wiring required.

Battery Powered

Our sensor is powered by 3 AA batteries with multi-year battery life. There is no need for electricity wiring.

High Sensitivity

Our sensor is sensitive enough to know if there're some people in the room, even if they're sleeping.


Even a very small motion can be detected by our sensors.

Realtime Reporting

Occupancy is reported immediately to our cloud servers.
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Dashboard mockup

Guaranteed Privacy

Our sensor is using Infra-red technologies and is 100% anonymous. It doesn't have any capabilities to capture personally identifiable information.


Only heatic information is collected. There's no camera involved.

Only occupancy

The sensor only reports whether an area or desk is occupied.

Set up in 3 easy steps

Connect IoT Gateway

Plug in Gateway device, connect to internet via Power-On-Ethernet or Ethernet. Each gateway can connect up to 20 sensors.

Mount Sensors

Stick sensors on ceiling or wall. As simple as pie.

Access Data

Occupancy data are available on our dashboard, or App within minutes.
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