Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Workplace

The booking system trusted by the world's leading companies to take flexible seating to the next level. Use mobile phone or web portal to book desks anywhere, anytime.
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More than a booking tool. Welcome to the future of work

Beyond booking a desks, our system enables employees to check desk occupancy using sensors, see who is coming to office, where they sit, encourage office attendances, enhance collaborations, and manage with maximum flexibility.

See who's where

Use visual booking tool to see who is coming and book a seat near to work together.

Occupancy tracking

Use occupancy sensor to find exactly how desks are used.

Hotel or Hot Desks

Maximize your desk usage through hoteling or hot desking.

Desk analytics

Iterate and enhance your office planning with intuitive analytics.

Drag-and-drop map editor

Upload your floor plan images or start from scratch. Use our intuitive mapping tools to arrange seatings exactly like your physical office. View and interact seating arrangements lively.

Visual mapping

Our mapping tool combines editing, viewing and interacting desks. It is feature rich while extremely user friendly.

Indoor Wayfinding

Search desks, spaces or colleagues directly on map. Employees spend less time in finding their ways navigating office, which means improvement in productivity.
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Desk Booking

Easy Desk Booking. Maximum Flexibility.

Design a flexible workplace that allow people to work and collaborate on their needs. From activity-based to open-spaced workplace, WOX is the best tool for modern workplace management.

Book anywhere

Use our desktop, kiosk or mobile app to book desks on the fly. Search and filter desks by name, amenities, neighborhoods, or colleagues.

Navigate visually

Navigate through office easily with live map. Search desks, colleagues and navigate to the location using instant map.

Seating strategies and policies

Manage permanent desk assignments, hot desks and hoteling desks in one place with fine-granularity permission control. Swiftly adjust space resources based on usage pattern. Reduce administrative tasks with collaborative policy and permission system.

Desk Types

On-demand hot desks, hoteling desks, or permanent seats for your employees in one place.

Flexible Reservation Rules

Full day, half day, predefined time ranges or first-come-first-get rules for each desk or desk group.
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Neighborhood Areas

Using our interactive mapping tool, we automatically group desks nearby into neighborhoods. You can also edit neighborhoods for each desk or a batch of desks. Employees can use neighborhoods to quickly find out where they seat themselves for best collaboration.

Neighborhood mapping

Our mapping tool analyze desks and areas to automatically assign neighborhood to desks. It combines simplicity with flexibility.

Promote collaborations

Navigate through office easily with real time map. Search colleagues and find desks closeby in the same neighborhood.

Desk amenities and tags

Assign customizable amenities and tags to desks, such as accessible, dual-monitor, adjustable height. Make it easy to catalog and manage. Employees can use them to search for the perfect desks.

Desk Amenities

Amenities are devices and services available for desks.

Desk Tags

Tags are any other flexible properties you can add to desks. You can group tags as well to allow searching and aggregating desks in different dimensions.
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Understand and improve space with Desk Usage Analytics

Design a flexible workplace that allow people to work and collaborate on their needs. From activity-based to open-spaced workplace, WOX is the best tool for modern workplace management.

Improve utilizations

Use our desktop, kiosk or mobile app to book desks on demand. Reduce the number of no-shows with occupancy data and automated usage reports.

Desk insights

Discover how desks are booked and utilized, improve your understanding of user preferences. Discover the actual number of desks you need. Plan for a more productive future.

Anonymous Occupancy Sensing

Update booking status based on live occupancy, understand the real interactions between team members, detect high traffic areas. Take your workplace planning to the next level.
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Supercharge your desk booking

An amazing package of complete software and hardware offers you unparalleled power in desk management, and ensures your office is ready for the era of Hybrid Working.

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