WOX Mobile

The WOX mobile app is available on iOS and Android. It makes desk and room booking, visitor invitations and everything in the workplace easier and faster.
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Includes key software for Hybrid Work and integrates with smart devices. All workplace data on a single platform to increase productivity and collaboration.

A modern workplace experience, anytime, anywhere

Quick and convenient app that makes managing everything in your workplace smooth and seamless, on the go.

Features employees love for Hybrid Work

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Interactive Floor Map, on the go

From desk and room booking to way finding, use our mobile App to help employees navigate through the workplace with ease.

Quick Desk and Room Booking

View desk and room layout on your phone, or schedule a meeting with calendar. Let WOX helps you book a resource perfect for your work every day, every where.
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Dashboard mockup

Securely Invite and Sign in Visitors

Fill in visitor information or share a link, receive notifications when visitors arrive. Our App keeps employees prepared for visits but away from chores of managing visitors.