Visitors Management

WOX Visitors welcomes your guests with a beautiful and simple experience that matches your brand, while keeping your workplace secure and compliant.
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Why WOX Visitors

WOX Visitors is a state-of-art complete software and hardware package that makes your guests at ease during their visit. Keep your workplace secure, healthy and compliant, with integrations with desk booking, room booking, access controllers, way finding systems.

Digital Visitor Logs

Keep all visitor logs in digital format. Maintain privacy and compliance requirements by anonymizing individual fields at specified time. Search and download visitor logs during evacuation.

Customize Visitor Types

Manage different visitor types such as business meetings, interviews, company tours with their own fields and workflows. There is no limit on making a distinct impression while keeping workplace secure.

Visitor Kiosk Tablet

Proprietary Visitor Tablet App that runs on iPad or Android tablet to allow visitors to sign in themselves, fill in questionnaire, capture visitor photo, sign legal agreements, print paper labels and more.

Satisfaction Survey

Send a satisfaction questionnaire after visits. Collect how your guests feel about your company and rate their visit experience so that you can continue improving on areas based on what they care most.
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Unparalleled guest experience that fits your brand

Make your company stand out by leaving a best first impression on your guests with your own branding, tailored questionnaire, streamlined process, without heavy lifting.


Add your logo, theme color and company pictures to guest sign-in experience, with our WYSIWYG editor.

Welcome guests

Send maps, directions, parking instructions, tour guides, room locations to your guests so they know they're in good hands.

Make hosting visitors simple and seamless for employees

While it is necessary to invite guests to come to your workplace, it should not be a chore to manage sign-in and sign-out processes. WOX Visitors makes the best guest experience management platform so your employees can spend time on real productive work with their guests.

Host Notifications

Send notifications to employees via Email or SMS when guests arrives. Reduce tedious and routine procedures to focus on real work.


Invite and sign in visitors from Microsoft Teams, Desktop and Mobile apps,
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Improve Guest Satisfaction with Visitor Survey and Analytics

Send a customized branded survey to visitors after sign out, gain insights on how to improve guest experience.

Visitor Satisfaction Survey

Quick and easy questions gives score and aspects on understanding and improving guest experience.

Visitor Analytics

Gain insights into visitor distribution, which departments and employees have most guest visits and more to help you improve guest experience while making workplace securer.

Seamless Sign-in Via Tablet

Our Visitor Tablet is easy to pair, configure and use. Customized UI and workflow makes guests feel comfortable and pleasant while keeping compliant with your company policies.

Self Registration

Visitors register themselves by following the steps on screen. Go complete automated and paperless while keeping all necessary document signing and security measures in place.


Visitors who filled in pre-registration form can sign in in one click via Visitor Tablet by entering a visitor code or scanning QR code. It takes seconds and no more queues at the lobby.
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A professional guest experience that reduces front desk clutter, displays your unique branding, and keep your workplace compliant.

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