Meet your office Compliance needs

Designed to meet the industry compliance standard such as GDPR, PCI, FSMA and more
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Capture and store office visit logs

Visitor logs

Sign in every visitor and capture their information digitally

Tailored information collection

Collect only the required and necessary information for best guest experience without losing compliance requirements.

Data Query & Audits

Search visitor logs from different conditions, quickly find the records you need

One-click Exports

Export all or part of visitor logs in one click, slice and dice as you need

Mobile App

Book desks and rooms on the go with WOX App.

Global Locations

Set up global locations and use languages of your choice.


Connect with the software and hardware you use most.

Global Locations

Keep workplace safe with health questionnaire and more.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Authorized entries to workplace


Use blacklist to automatically restrict entries of suspicious personnel to your office.


Watchlist allows guests to enter workplace, but gives an alert to administrators about their entries.

Identity Verification

Ask guests to verify their identity and capture their photos or signatures as required by compliance standards

Digital Signatures

No more signing on paper. Use WOX to capture visitor's digital signature and store in safe place for future reference.

Mobile App

Book desks and rooms on the go with WOX App.

Access Control

Integrates with access controllers and automatically assign entry permissions to visitors according to their authorization levels

Privacy Protection

Legal Documents

Ask guests to consent to legal documents such as data collection, physical access and more.

Data Deletion

Anonymize guest data upon request to confirm to privacy policies and compliance requirements such as GDPR.

Information Collection

Only capture personal information data as required and needed.
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Ensuring Compliance and Security for Your Business

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