One platform for Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is more than a personal work schedule. Manage office capacity, desk and room booking, visitor invitations, service requests and more on one platform. Share plans and seating between activity-based teams. Make the tools available anywhere.
According to a survey by Gartner, 82% of companies planned to allow employees to work remotely at least some of the time after the pandemic, compared to 30% before the pandemic.

Adopt Hybrid Work with Confidence

WOX is the most complete solution to Hybrid Work. Calendar based planning, Desk and Room Booking, Visitor Management, Smart Lockers, Workplace analytics and more

Hybrid Work Planning

Plan for working in office or remotely anywhere anytime. Coordinate schedule with team members through on site messaging.

Desk Booking

Book a desk when you need to come to office. Group desks by amenities and policies so team can work together when needed.

Room Booking

Schedule a meeting through room booking tools and share with team members so collaborative meetings are more effective.

Workplace Analytics

Know the pattern your team is coming to office or remotely through real usage data. Plan ahead easily with our battle-tested workplace insights tool.
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Plan working in office, or remotely with shared schedule

Set up your work schedule, either in the office, work remotely or take on vacation. Collaborate with colleagues by scheduling office visit on the same day, or know about how crowded the workplace is beforehand. Set capacity limits to align with scheduling. Managers can also make plans for their teams.

Collaborate with teammates

See if your coworker is coming in today, or send an invitation to them when face-to-face collaboration is needed. Book a desk or room for them close to you at the same time. Collaboration is not lost with flexibility.
Whether it's on desktop, on mobile, or on office desk, use our tools to book a desk or room that is most suitable for your work. Visualize real time seating on our map, so you are always confident that you are close to your teammates when you need to come in.
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Dashboard mockup

Find the right room for your meetings

No matter where your coworkers are working, use map and search tool to find the right meeting room and start video conferencing with people not in office.

Sign in your desk to confirm presence

When you come in, sign in to the space and desk using our mobile app or web portal in a super-easy way. See if your coworker has signed in so employees don't have a hard time locating where teammates are sitting.
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Dashboard mockup

Understand how effective your workplace is for Hybrid Work

Know about patterns of working schedules with digital records and sensor data, gain insights on how frequently employees come to office, where they prefer to be seated, or what kind of meeting rooms are more likely to be used.
Why Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work is the future of work

Make flexibility a pillar of your company culture

Hybrid work allows employees to have more flexibility in terms of where and when they work, which can improve work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.

Increase employee productivity

Hybrid work can increase productivity by allowing employees to work in environments that are most conducive to their individual needs and preferences.

Attract and retain the best talents

Hybrid work can make a company more attractive to potential employees by offering flexible working options, and can also help retain existing employees by improving job satisfaction.

Saving costs

Hybrid work can lead to cost savings for companies by reducing the need for office space, and other expenses related to maintaining a physical office.

Ensure business continuity

Hybrid work can ensure that a company can continue to operate in case of disruptions such as natural disasters or pandemics, as employees can work remotely if necessary.

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