Sustainable Space

A sustainable workplace is essential to a healthier working and living environment, reducing waste of space, amenities, time and cost. WOX workplace platform empowers future-thinking companies to design and manage workplace of future.

Values of a sustainable workplace

A workplace that prioritizes sustainability focuses on reducing its environmental impact through daily operations. By utilizing technology, an office can be made more efficient and eco-friendly by preventing the wasting of resources such as space, energy, and time.

Social Responsibility

Companies are more and more aware of the importance of sustainability towards our future. It is our Social Responsibility to make long-term efforts to a greener Earth.

Return on Investment

Sustainability doesn't have to be costly. Using smart technologies, returns on energy-saving, longer equipment lifecycle, or more efficient collaborations will be paid back much faster than thought.

Employee Experience

A sustainable, low or zero carbon footprint office improves employees' satisfaction with the working environment. Smart Technologies also help employees perform better.


WOX workplace platform has a complete set of tools to improve  workplace management and employee performance. It makes booking desks, arranging meetings, inviting guests etc. much more efficient.
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Be Socially Responsible

Many companies are transitioning to provide a greener, healthier and lower-carbon-footprint working environment to employees. It is not an after-thought, but rather an essential goal to planning for the future and an indispensable part of corporate proposition. WOX solutions help companies design, implement, and manage a sustainable office leveraging on our smart technologies, automations, and industry experience.

Return on Investment

WOX uses technologies to help companies save cost and improve employee productivities. For example, turning off Smart Lighting and HVAC automatically after meeting or end of work reduces up to 20% electricity usage. Recapturing abandoned meeting rooms improves room usage by as much as 15%. With Workplace Analytics, companies can understand usage of space and repurpose them as needed. Last but not least, a sustainable, smart workplace is positive to employees' healthiness and happiness.
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Enhance Employee Experience

The ultimate goal of a pleasant and efficient workplace is Employee Experience. WOX workplace platform provides robust tools for employees to accomplish their work without tediousness of booking and navigating around office. With WOX, employees use the familiar tools they use before, and automates many space related tasks without manual operations. Employees gains the flexibility for a better work-life balance, and companies gets the results they want with lower overhead.

Smart, Efficient and Effective

Digitalization of workplace is essential to an effective and efficient office. The data gathered from every day use, and the automations made possible with technologies, are what made smartness possible, and which in turn reduces expenses. For example, Occupancy Sensors combined with Room Booking Rules can automatically recapture abandoned rooms, turn off excessive lighting and air conditioning.
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