Workplace Analytics

Gain insights into how office space is utilized, make best decisions to improve your employees' productivity, comfort and healthiness.
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A study by the Harvard Business Review found that companies that use workplace analytics to make decisions about their real estate and facilities can achieve cost savings of up to 30%.
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Desk and Room Reservation Analytics

Gain insights on which rooms are booked most, which department and users are using most resources

Booking Density

When is the peak time of room booking?

Share Rate

How efficient your desks are used across the workplace?

Space Occupancy Analytics

Find out how your space is actually used and where is your space traffic.

Space Heatmap

Intuitive Space-Time chart on floor map.

Recapture Unused Rooms

Detect empty rooms and improve room usage with recapture.
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Dashboard mockup

Optimize space usage

Say goodbye to the guesswork and uncertainty of creating the perfect workplace layout for your team - We provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to ensure optimal productivity, comfort, and collaboration in your office space.

Space Report

Smart usage report that pinpoints your team work patterns

Usage Forecast

Forecast your future workplace usage from many dimensions.