Hybrid Workplace
Made Easy

Embrace Hybrid Work with Confidence. The only workplace management platform that includes everything for Hybrid Work, from Meeting Rooms Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Management, to Smart and Sustainable office and more. So you can be more productive in the new era.

All-in-one Hybrid Work Platform

Everything you need  on one single platform for a successful Hybrid Workplace
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Hybrid Work Planning

Enable employees to choose where to work and see others schedule. Manage office capacity with flexible scheduling policy.
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Desk Booking

Assign and on-demand desk booking solutions makes it a breeze to manage a hybrid workplace and concentrate or collaborate.
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Meeting Room Booking

The most powerful room booking software that recaptures unused resources, synchronizes calendars and offers smart environment
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Visitors Sign-in & Management

Greet guests with modern streamlined check-in experience, maintain high security and compliance for your workplace
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Interactive Floor Map

Visualize your space with layers including resources, people and devices. Give employees experience more simple than ever!
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Workplace Analytics

Gain insights into space usage and occupation with real-time analytics, enhanced with occupancy and people counting sensors.
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An Exceptional Workplace Experience for Everyone

Gives your employee key tools needed for Hybrid Work, on web and mobile devices. Consolidate all workplace data on a single platform to increase productivity and collaboration.

Hybrid Workplace Map

Hybrid Work Planning

Let your employees easily schedule when they'd like to come to office and when to work remotely. Share schedules with their managers, colleagues and teams. Book desks and rooms according to their collaboration habits, on easy-to-use intuitive floor maps.

Integrations out-of-box

Use tools you are already familiar. With Single Sign-on, directory integration, realtime data synchronization, familiar user interface and flexible configurations, WOX blends into every day work experience seamlessly.

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Available as Microsoft Teams application
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Integrated with dozens of SSO and Directory Services
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Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar bi-directional Sync
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Mobile, always-on, everywhere

WOX is accessible from desktop, mobile apps, third party platforms, and smart hardwares.

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iOS and Android native Apps
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Smart Meeting Room Display
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Occupancy Sensors and More
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Get more value from your tools

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps readily available in our directory, your team’s favorite tools are just a click away.
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Improve workplace with real data

See real workplace usage with people activities and sensor data. Make critical decisions on workplace optimizations with measurements and insights. Save on space usage.
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Secure, Reliable and Compliant

WOX is designed with enterprise-level security, best-of-breed user experience, and reliable smart hardware infrastructure so you know you are taken good care of.

IoT Platform

World-leading Internet-of-Things platform that is more secure, reliable and efficient than ever. Smart automation makes the workplace adapt to people, not vice versa.



WOX confirms to a stringent standard when it comes to security and compliance, with industry-leading encryption, data protection, security and compliance system.


Single Sign On

Eliminates the pains and loopholes of maintaining password. WOX supports a majority of SSO providers so it's a breeze to getting onboard and continuing everyday's workflow.

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WOX is essential to our transition to Hybrid Work. Our employees can make their plans on their phones, and I get a comprehensive daily view on how workplace is used. It makes my life much simpler.

Kelly W.
Head of Global Workplace

WOX is the easiest to set up. Meeting room calendars are synchronized with Office 365. Our employees can use Microsoft Teams to view floor maps. We're up and running in 2 days!

Lyle M.
IT Manager

It is very important for us to adopt Hybrid Work as smoothly as possible to protect employees' health while maintaining our competitiveness. WOX is a great product that made that happen. It is a good decision to make and I look for further development in future.

Jeff C.

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