Solution to Return to Office

Bring your people back to Office, while protecting their safety and healthiness, with flexible seating and collaboration tools.

The checklist to bring people back to office

Communicate clearly and transparently

Share information about the safety measures that are being put in place, such as social distancing, sanitization, and mask-wearing policies, to help employees feel comfortable and safe when returning to the office.

Encourage flexibility

Allow employees to continue working remotely if they prefer, or to come into the office on a flexible schedule, in order to accommodate their needs and preferences.

Foster a sense of community

Create opportunities for employees to connect and collaborate in person, such as team-building activities, to help build camaraderie and a sense of community.

Provide training

Provide training for employees on how to stay safe and healthy in the office, including information on COVID-19 prevention measures and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Follow health guidelines

Make sure the office space is following the guidelines from the local health authorities, such as encouraging social distancing, limiting the number of people in common areas, and providing hand sanitizers and other hygiene items.

How does WOX help you return to office

Simple, smooth and smart.
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Health Registrations and Capacity Limiting

Set up your work schedule, either in the office, work remotely or take on vacation. Collaborate with colleagues by scheduling office visit on the same day, or know about how crowded the workplace is beforehand.

Flexible Desk and Room Booking with cleaning intervals

Use online interactive map to book a desk when needed. Support hot and hoteling desks with tools designed for flexible office. Accommodate physical distancing with flexible seating layouts.
Knowing the workplace clean gives employees peace of mind when they comeback. Use cleaning interval settings to ensure there is enough time for cleaning desks and rooms after use. Allow employees to send cleaning requests when needed. Cleaning personnels get instant notifications to address the concerns in time.
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Create safer workplace with Contact Tracing

Keep records of who and when come to office, and where they have been. Assure data accuracy with physical sign-ins. Search and export contact tracing data for any employees or visitors during any period of time.

Hybrid Work Planning

Embrace Hybrid Work styles to make it flexible to work at home, or prepared when need to come into office.
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Dashboard mockup

Monitor Back-to-Work progress with Workplace Analytics

Analyze real data to gain insights into your workplace and facilities. Make optimized space decisions based on data.