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The state of being free or unoccupied for a specific time slot in a meeting room.

Advance Booking

Booking a meeting room well ahead of the actual meeting date to ensure availability.

Automated Confirmation

The process of automatically confirming a meeting room booking once it has been successfully made.

Access Control

The ability to control who can enter or use a meeting room, often through keycards or passcodes.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Equipment such as projectors, screens, and speakers used in meeting rooms for presentations and communication.

Agenda Management

The process of organizing and managing meeting agendas within a booking system to ensure efficient use of time.

Attendee List

A list of individuals who are expected to attend a meeting in a specific room, often used for security and planning purposes.

Ad Hoc Booking

Booking a meeting room on short notice or spontaneously, without prior planning.


Additional features or services provided in a meeting room, such as refreshments, whiteboards, or video conferencing capabilities.


The process of assigning available meeting rooms to specific meetings based on criteria such as size, equipment needs, and location.



The process of reserving a meeting room for a specific date and time.


The status of a meeting room indicating whether it is free or occupied at a given time.

Block booking

The act of reserving multiple meeting rooms for a series of dates or times.

Booking confirmation

A notification sent to the user confirming their reservation of a meeting room.

Booking system

Software or platform used to manage and schedule meeting room reservations.

Breakout room

A smaller meeting room or space used for separate discussions or activities during a larger meeting.

Booking policy

Rules and guidelines governing the reservation of meeting rooms, including cancellation policies and booking restrictions.

Booking request

A formal submission made by a user to reserve a meeting room, subject to approval by the booking system administrator.

Booking tool

An application or software used to facilitate the process of reserving meeting rooms.

Booking calendar

A visual representation of available dates and times for booking meeting rooms, typically displayed in a calendar format.


Conference Room

A meeting room specifically designed for hosting conferences and large gatherings.

Calendar Integration

The ability to sync meeting room bookings with users' calendars for seamless scheduling.


The maximum number of people that a meeting room can accommodate.

Catering Services

Optional food and beverage services that can be arranged for meetings held in the room.

Cancellation Policy

Rules and guidelines regarding the cancellation of meeting room bookings.

Collaboration Tools

Software and equipment available in the meeting room to facilitate collaboration among attendees.

Check-in System

A system for tracking and managing attendees who arrive for a scheduled meeting.

Customizable Settings

Options for users to customize meeting room settings such as lighting, temperature, and seating arrangement.

Cost Allocation

The process of assigning costs associated with meeting room bookings to specific departments or individuals.

Confirmation Email

An automated email sent to users to confirm their meeting room booking.


Desk booking

The process of reserving a specific desk or workstation in a shared office space for a specified period of time.

Digital signage

Electronic displays used to provide information or directions in a meeting room or office environment.

Double booking

Occurrence when a meeting room or resource is reserved by more than one person or group for the same time slot.

Daily agenda

A schedule or list of events and meetings planned for a specific day in a meeting room or office space.

Data analytics

The process of analyzing data to gain insights and make informed decisions related to meeting room bookings and usage.

Digital calendar

An electronic calendar system used to manage and schedule meeting room bookings, appointments, and events.

Discussion room

A smaller meeting room designed for group discussions, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative work.

Delegate management

The process of assigning and managing tasks or responsibilities to individuals attending a meeting or event.

Door access control

Security system that restricts access to meeting rooms or office spaces using electronic locks or keycards.

Desk sharing

Practice of multiple employees using the same desk or workspace at different times, often facilitated by a desk booking system.


Event Space

A designated area within a venue where meetings, conferences, or other gatherings can take place.

Electronic Calendar

A digital tool used to schedule and manage meeting room bookings.

Equipment Rental

The option to rent additional equipment such as projectors, microphones, or whiteboards for meetings.

Executive Boardroom

A premium meeting room typically reserved for high-level executives and important business meetings.

Email Confirmation

A notification sent via email to confirm a meeting room booking request.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

A set of procedures and protocols to follow in case of an emergency during a meeting.

External Booking System

A third-party software or platform used to manage and book meeting rooms.

Event Catering

The service of providing food and beverages for meetings or events held in a meeting room.

Entry Access Control

Security measures put in place to control access to meeting rooms and ensure only authorized personnel can enter.

Evaluation Feedback

Feedback collected from participants after a meeting to assess the effectiveness and success of the meeting room booking.


Facility management

The practice of coordinating physical workplace resources, including meeting rooms, to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Furniture layout

The arrangement of furniture within a meeting room to optimize space and facilitate communication among attendees.

Flexible booking

A feature that allows users to easily change or cancel meeting room reservations based on their evolving needs.

Feedback system

A tool that enables users to provide input on their meeting room booking experience, helping to improve the overall process.


An individual responsible for guiding and managing group discussions or activities within a meeting room setting.

Floor plan

A visual representation of the layout and dimensions of a meeting room, including seating arrangements and amenities.

Fire safety regulations

Rules and protocols designed to ensure the safety of individuals in the event of a fire emergency within a meeting room or building.

Follow-up meeting

A subsequent gathering scheduled to review outcomes or continue discussions from a previous meeting held in the same room.

Facility reservation system

A software platform used to manage and schedule bookings for meeting rooms, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

Formal presentation

A structured delivery of information or ideas to an audience within a meeting room, typically involving visual aids and Q&A sessions.


Group booking

Booking multiple meeting rooms or spaces for a single event or occasion.

Guest list management

Keeping track of attendees and visitors for a meeting or event booked in the room.

Green room

A backstage area in a venue where performers or speakers can relax before going on stage.

Grid scheduling

A method of scheduling meetings and events on a grid system to optimize room allocation and time slots.

Guest access code

A unique code provided to guests or attendees to access the meeting room or venue.

Guest registration

The process of registering attendees or guests for a meeting or event in the booking system.

Group calendar

A shared calendar that displays all scheduled meetings and events for a group or team.

Guest check-in

The process of confirming attendees' arrival at the meeting room or venue.

Global availability

The ability to check and book meeting rooms across multiple locations or venues worldwide.

Guest wifi

A dedicated wifi network provided for guests and attendees in the meeting room or venue.


Huddle Room

A small meeting space designed for quick and informal gatherings.


The person responsible for organizing and leading a meeting or event.

Hybrid Meetings

Meetings that combine in-person and virtual attendees.

Hot Desking

A flexible seating arrangement where employees can choose their workspace each day.


The number of people attending a meeting or event.

Huddle Board

A visual tool used in huddle meetings to track progress and action items.


A reservation system for shared workspaces or meeting rooms.

Hygiene Protocol

Guidelines for maintaining cleanliness and safety in meeting spaces.


Printed materials distributed to meeting attendees for reference.

Hazard Assessment

An evaluation of potential risks or dangers in a meeting room.



A formal request to attend a meeting or event in a meeting room.


A request for information about the availability or details of a meeting room.

Interactive Whiteboard

A digital display that allows users to interact with the screen during meetings.


A person or company responsible for integrating meeting room booking software with other systems.

Incident Report

A document detailing any incidents or issues that occurred in a meeting room.

In-room Display

A screen or device in a meeting room that displays booking information and room availability.

Instant Booking

The ability to book a meeting room immediately without any prior reservation.

In-house Catering

Catering services provided within the meeting room or venue.

IT Support

Technical assistance provided for any technology-related issues during meetings in the room.


A bill or statement of charges for using a meeting room, including any additional services.


JIT (Just In Time) Booking

A booking system where meeting rooms are reserved shortly before they are needed, maximizing efficiency and flexibility.

Journey Mapping

The process of visually representing the steps a user takes to complete a task, such as booking a meeting room, to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Joint Calendar Integration

The ability to sync meeting room availability and bookings with multiple calendar platforms, ensuring up-to-date information for all users.

Jumbo Meetings

Large-scale meetings or events that require booking multiple meeting rooms or a specialized event space.

Job Function Filtering

A feature that allows users to search for meeting rooms based on the specific job functions or requirements of the attendees, ensuring the space meets their needs.

JIT Inventory Management

A method of managing meeting room resources and equipment to ensure they are available 'just in time' for bookings, reducing waste and optimizing usage.

Jitter-Free Video Conferencing

High-quality video conferencing technology that minimizes delays and disruptions, providing a smooth and seamless meeting experience.

Junior Admin Access

Limited access permissions granted to junior staff members for booking meeting rooms, ensuring they can make reservations within set guidelines.

Jumbo Whiteboards

Oversized whiteboards available in certain meeting rooms for collaborative brainstorming sessions and visual presentations.

Judicious Resource Allocation

The strategic allocation of meeting room resources based on demand, usage patterns, and availability, ensuring efficient utilization and cost-effectiveness.



A self-service device that allows users to book meeting rooms, check availability, and manage reservations.

Keycard Access

A system that uses keycards to grant access to meeting rooms, ensuring security and control over who can enter.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness and success of meeting room booking processes and systems.

Kick-off Meeting

An initial meeting held to mark the start of a project or initiative, often booked in advance to ensure availability of meeting rooms.

Knowledge Sharing Session

A meeting or session where employees share information, insights, and expertise with each other, often requiring a booked meeting room.

Kanban Board

A visual tool used to manage tasks and workflows, often used in meeting rooms during project planning and execution.

Keynote Speaker

A prominent speaker who delivers a keynote address at a meeting or event, often requiring a dedicated meeting room for the presentation.


A small kitchen or refreshment area often located near meeting rooms for attendees to access snacks, beverages, and refreshments.

Knowledge Management

The process of capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge within an organization, often discussed in meetings held in dedicated rooms.

KVM Switch

A device that allows users to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse, often used in meeting rooms with multiple systems.


Lounge Area

A designated area within a meeting room facility where attendees can relax and network before or after meetings.

Laptop Charging Station

A designated area within a meeting room facility where attendees can charge their laptops and electronic devices.

Lighting Control System

A system that allows users to adjust the lighting levels in meeting rooms for optimal visibility and ambiance.

Large Screen Display

A high-definition display screen used for presentations and video conferencing in meeting rooms.

Logistics Management

The process of coordinating and managing the logistical aspects of meeting room bookings, including room setup, catering, and equipment.

Lead Time

The amount of advance notice required to book a meeting room, typically measured in days or weeks.

Lobby Signage

Signage displayed in the lobby of a meeting room facility to guide attendees to their designated meeting rooms.

Layout Configuration

The arrangement of furniture and equipment within a meeting room, which can be customized based on the type of event or meeting.

Lecture Style Seating

A seating arrangement in meeting rooms where chairs are set up in rows facing the front of the room, typically used for presentations and training sessions.

Lunch Catering

Catering services provided for meetings that include lunch options for attendees, such as boxed lunches or buffet-style meals.


Meeting Room Booking

The process of reserving a room for meetings or gatherings in advance.

Meeting Scheduler

A tool or software that allows users to schedule and manage meetings in a convenient manner.

Meeting Room Availability

The status of a meeting room indicating whether it is free or occupied at a specific time.

Meeting Room Reservation

The act of booking a meeting room for a specific date and time.

Meeting Room Management

The process of overseeing and organizing meeting rooms within a facility or office space.

Meeting Room Layout

The arrangement of furniture and equipment in a meeting room to optimize space and functionality.

Meeting Room Technology

The audiovisual and communication tools available in a meeting room to facilitate presentations and discussions.

Meeting Room Capacity

The maximum number of people that a meeting room can accommodate comfortably.

Meeting Room Amenities

Additional features or services provided in a meeting room, such as catering, whiteboards, or video conferencing.

Meeting Room Etiquette

The expected behavior and rules of conduct when using a meeting room to ensure a productive and respectful environment.



A person who fails to attend a scheduled meeting without canceling or notifying in advance.


A message or alert sent to inform users about booking confirmations, changes, or reminders.

Next available slot

The soonest time slot that is open for booking after the current time.


A booking or reservation that cannot be canceled or refunded.

No double booking

A policy or feature that prevents the same meeting room from being booked by multiple users at the same time.

Networking event

An organized gathering where individuals can meet and interact with others in a professional setting.

Name tag

A badge or label displaying a person's name, often used at events or meetings for identification.

Noise level

The volume or intensity of sound in a meeting room, which can affect the quality of discussions and presentations.


The act of recording important points, ideas, or decisions discussed during a meeting.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

A legal contract that outlines confidential information that parties agree not to disclose to others.


Occupancy Sensor

A device that detects the presence of individuals in a meeting room to determine if it is in use or available for booking.

On-demand Booking

The ability for users to instantly reserve a meeting room without needing to schedule it in advance.

Outlook Integration

The integration of meeting room booking software with Microsoft Outlook to allow users to book rooms directly from their email calendar.


A situation where more meeting rooms are booked than are actually available, leading to scheduling conflicts.

Occupancy Limit

The maximum number of individuals allowed in a meeting room at one time, often set for safety and comfort reasons.

Online Reservation System

A web-based platform that allows users to book meeting rooms remotely, typically through a calendar interface.

Off-site Meeting

A meeting that takes place outside of the regular office location, often requiring special booking arrangements.

Overhead Projector

A device used to display images or presentations onto a screen or wall during a meeting.

On-site Amenities

Facilities or services available within the meeting room location, such as catering, AV equipment, or whiteboards.

Open Space Layout

A meeting room design that features a flexible, open floor plan without fixed walls or partitions.


Peak hours

The busiest times for meeting room bookings, typically during regular working hours.


The act of reserving a meeting room in advance of the actual meeting date.

Privacy settings

Options that allow users to control who can view or book a meeting room.


A device used to display images or presentations onto a screen during meetings.

Payment gateway

A secure online system that allows users to pay for meeting room bookings using various payment methods.

Participant list

A list of individuals who are invited or attending a meeting in a specific room.

Penalty fees

Additional charges incurred for canceling or rescheduling meeting room bookings outside of a specified timeframe.


A stand or platform used by speakers to hold notes or present during meetings.

Pricing packages

Different tiers of pricing options offered for meeting room bookings based on amenities, duration, and capacity.

Proximity sensors

Sensors that detect motion or occupancy in meeting rooms, helping to manage availability and usage.


Quick booking

The ability to easily and swiftly reserve a meeting room without any delays or complications.

Queue management

The process of organizing and controlling the flow of people waiting to book or use meeting rooms.


The minimum number of participants required for a meeting to be valid or decisions to be made.

Quiet room

A designated meeting space specifically designed for quiet and focused work or discussions.

Q&A session

A period during a meeting where participants can ask questions and receive answers from presenters or speakers.

Quick response

The prompt and timely reply to meeting room booking requests or inquiries.

Quarterly planning

The process of scheduling and organizing meetings to plan activities and goals for each quarter of the year.

Quality assurance

The practice of ensuring that meeting rooms and associated services meet the established standards and expectations.

Quote request

A formal inquiry or request for pricing information related to booking meeting rooms or additional services.

Quick setup

The efficient and rapid preparation of meeting rooms with necessary equipment and amenities for scheduled events.


Room Reservation

The process of booking a meeting room for a specific date and time.

Resource Scheduling

The practice of allocating meeting rooms and other resources efficiently based on availability and demand.

Room Availability

The status of a meeting room indicating whether it is free or occupied at a given time.

Room Layout

The arrangement of furniture and equipment in a meeting room to accommodate a specific number of participants.

Room Booking System

A software tool or platform used to manage and schedule meeting room reservations.

Room Capacity

The maximum number of people that a meeting room can accommodate comfortably.

Reservation Confirmation

The acknowledgment provided to users after successfully booking a meeting room.

Room Setup

The preparation and arrangement of a meeting room according to the requirements of a specific event or meeting.

Room Utilization

The measure of how effectively meeting rooms are being used within a given time period.

Room Release Time

The deadline by which a booked meeting room must be occupied; otherwise, the reservation is canceled to free up the room for others.



The process of setting a date and time for a meeting or event in the meeting room booking system.

Seating capacity

The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in a meeting room.

Software integration

The ability of the meeting room booking system to work seamlessly with other software applications.

Security access

The level of authorization required to enter a meeting room, often controlled by key cards or access codes.

Surveillance cameras

Cameras installed in meeting rooms to monitor activities and ensure security.

Smart room technology

Innovative technology used in meeting rooms to enhance productivity and collaboration.


The practice of booking meeting rooms in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner.

Setup time

The amount of time needed to prepare a meeting room with the necessary equipment and seating arrangements.

Service request

A formal request made by a user to book additional services for a meeting room, such as catering or AV equipment.


The ability of the meeting room booking system to accommodate a growing number of users and meeting rooms.


Time slot

A specific period of time during which a meeting room is booked for use.

Tentative booking

A preliminary reservation of a meeting room that is subject to change or cancellation.


A meeting conducted over the phone or through video conferencing technology.

Touchscreen display

A interactive screen used to book meeting rooms, display schedules, and provide wayfinding information.

Tracking system

Software or technology used to monitor the usage and availability of meeting rooms.

Training session

A meeting or session held to educate or instruct participants on a specific topic or skill.

Team collaboration

The process of working together in a group to achieve a common goal or task.

Technical support

Assistance provided for resolving issues related to technology or equipment in meeting rooms.

Table layout

The arrangement of tables and seating in a meeting room, which can vary based on the type of event or meeting.

Temperature control

The ability to adjust and regulate the temperature in a meeting room for the comfort of attendees.



Refers to software or systems that are easy to use and navigate for the end user.


The state of being unavailable or booked, typically used to describe meeting rooms that are not free for booking.

Utilization rate

The percentage of time that meeting rooms are booked and used compared to the total available time.

Unscheduled meeting

A meeting that is not pre-planned or booked in advance, often impromptu or spontaneous.


Describes a meeting room that is currently not in use or occupied by any individuals or groups.


Refers to meeting rooms that are not being used to their full capacity or potential.

Urgent booking

A last-minute or immediate booking request for a meeting room that is needed urgently.


The process of improving or enhancing meeting room facilities, equipment, or technology.

User access control

The system or process that manages and regulates user permissions and access to book meeting rooms.

Unforeseen event

An unexpected or unforeseen circumstance that may disrupt or impact meeting room bookings and schedules.


Virtual Meeting

A meeting that takes place remotely via video conferencing or other online communication tools.

Venue Selection

The process of choosing a location for a meeting or event based on factors such as capacity, amenities, and accessibility.

Video Conferencing

A technology that allows participants in a meeting to see and hear each other in real-time, even if they are in different locations.

Visitor Management

The process of tracking and monitoring visitors to a meeting room or office, often using software or sign-in sheets.

Virtual Background

A feature in video conferencing software that allows users to replace their actual background with a digital image.

Voting System

A tool used in meetings to gather feedback or make decisions by allowing participants to vote on various options.

Venue Booking

The process of reserving a location for a meeting or event, often done through an online booking system.

VIP Room

A designated meeting room or area reserved for important guests or high-profile attendees.

Video Recording

Capturing a meeting or presentation on video for later viewing or archiving purposes.

Virtual Event

An online gathering or conference that takes place in a virtual environment, often including presentations, networking, and exhibits.


Workspace Management

The process of efficiently managing and organizing workspace within a meeting room booking system.


A list of individuals or groups waiting for an available meeting room to become free for booking.

Web-based Booking System

A meeting room booking system that is accessible and operated through a web browser.

Wireless Presentation System

Technology that allows users to wirelessly display content from their devices onto a screen in a meeting room.


A designated area within a meeting room where individuals can work or collaborate.

Workflow Automation

Automating the process of booking and managing meeting rooms to improve efficiency and reduce errors.


A surface in a meeting room where users can write or draw ideas during a meeting.

Web Conferencing

Virtual meetings conducted over the internet, allowing participants to communicate and collaborate remotely.

Workplace Analytics

Data analysis of workspace usage and trends to optimize meeting room booking and utilization.

Workplace Flexibility

The ability for employees to choose where and how they work, including booking meeting rooms for various tasks.



Stands for 'Anything as a Service', refers to the delivery of services over the internet rather than on-premises.


Stands for 'Cross-Site Scripting', a type of security vulnerability typically found in web applications.


Stands for 'Extensible Markup Language', a markup language that defines rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.


An HTTP response header that can help prevent clickjacking attacks by restricting how a web page can be embedded in an iframe.

XSS Auditor

A built-in security feature in some web browsers that helps detect and prevent cross-site scripting attacks.


Stands for 'XMLHttpRequest', a JavaScript object used to make HTTP requests from a web page without having to reload the page.


Stands for 'Cross-Site Request Forgery', a type of security vulnerability where an attacker tricks a user into unknowingly submitting a request to a website on which they are authenticated.


An HTTP response header that can help prevent certain types of attacks by restricting the MIME types that a browser will honor.


Stands for 'Extensible Application Markup Language', a markup language used for creating user interfaces in .NET applications.


Stands for 'eXtensible Access Control Markup Language', a standard language for expressing access control policies.


Yield Management

A pricing strategy used to maximize revenue by adjusting prices based on demand and availability.

Yield Optimization

The process of maximizing revenue by strategically adjusting pricing and availability.

Yield Analysis

The evaluation of pricing strategies to determine their effectiveness in maximizing revenue.

Yield Forecasting

The prediction of future demand and pricing trends to optimize revenue.

Yield Loss

The revenue lost due to underpricing or inefficient pricing strategies.

Yield Gap

The difference between potential revenue and actual revenue generated.

Yield Curve

A graphical representation of pricing and demand trends over time.

Yield Metrics

Key performance indicators used to measure the effectiveness of yield management strategies.

Yield Enhancement

The process of improving revenue generation through optimized pricing and availability.

Yield Strategy

A plan or approach to maximize revenue through pricing and demand management.



A popular video conferencing software used for virtual meetings.

Zone-based booking system

A system where meeting rooms are divided into zones for efficient booking and management.

Zapier integration

The ability to connect meeting room booking software with other apps and automate workflows.

Zero-touch booking

A system where meeting rooms can be booked without any physical interaction, often using mobile apps or touchless technology.

Zonal occupancy sensors

Sensors placed in meeting rooms to monitor occupancy levels and optimize space utilization.

Zendesk integration

Integration with Zendesk customer support software to provide seamless booking and support experience.

Zone configuration

Setting up different zones within a meeting room to accommodate various types of meetings or events.

Zero double bookings

Ensuring that a meeting room is not booked by multiple parties at the same time.

Zoho Calendar sync

Syncing meeting room bookings with Zoho Calendar for efficient scheduling and reminders.

Zoom Room scheduling

Scheduling and managing meeting rooms equipped with Zoom Room technology for seamless video conferencing.

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