We're developing a platform for the workplace of the future

WOX assists companies worldwide, regardless of size, in establishing a seamlessly intelligent workspace. This allows individuals to prioritize their work, collaborate effectively, and embrace a more eco-friendly office.

We're developing a platform for the workplace of the future

How us started

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WOX started with a co-working space management platform in 2016.

Since then, Technology advancement, environmental awareness and pandemic crisis has accelerated the adoption of hybrid work all over the world, asking for tools of new generation to make workplace greener, more flexible and healthier.

Today, WOX offers the most complete space management platform that helps the best companies all over the world to achieve that goal.

Our Partners & Distributors

Our Partners & Distributors

WOX partners with the industry's forerunners and innovators to build the best workplace management platform. Some of our partners have a great line of certified and best quality smart hardwares, some others have best enterprise software platform that integrates deeply with WOX. WOX also work with distributors and resellers around the world to bring our products and services everywhere. Our distributor network is selected with the most stringent criteria and they are well prepared to assist customers locally. They have the best product, training, and support in the industry. If you are interested in partnering with WOX, or becoming a distributor, please do not feel hesitated to send us a message.

Our Values

At WOX, our dedication lies in shaping the future of the workplace, delivering value to our customers worldwide, and fostering productivity and happiness.


It is our belief that treating customers, partners and colleagues with honesty and sincerity is of utmost to our success, not only as a company, but also as a human being.


We persevere through challenges, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience to achieve our goals.


We never cease to learn and explore, as bold ideas are the catalysts for wonders. We continually seek innovative ways to revolutionize the way people work, unafraid of embarking on grand adventures.


We celebrate, encourage, and support each other in every task, recognizing that there's immense power in a united group with shared goals and mutual trust.