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10 Best Large Touch Screen Monitors for Collaborative Workspaces

Large touch screen monitors are transforming collaborative workspaces, enabling seamless interaction and boosting productivity. In this article, we explore the 10 best large touch screen monitors for conference rooms, meeting spaces, and interactive environments. From giant touchscreens to dual touch screen setups, discover the perfect solution for your team's needs.

10 Best Large Touch Screen Monitors for Collaborative Workspaces

In today's fast-paced business world, collaborative workspaces are essential for fostering teamwork, creativity, and productivity. One key element in creating an effective collaborative environment is the use of large touch screen monitors. These interactive displays allow teams to seamlessly share ideas, brainstorm, and work together in real-time.

team collaborating on large touch screen monitor

Why Choose Large Touch Screen Monitors?

Large touch screen monitors offer numerous benefits for collaborative workspaces:

  1. Enhanced Interactivity: With touch-enabled screens, team members can intuitively interact with content, making meetings more engaging and participatory.

  2. Improved Collaboration: Giant touchscreens provide ample space for multiple users to work simultaneously, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing.

  3. Versatility: Large touch screen monitors can be used for various purposes, such as presentations, video conferencing, and interactive whiteboarding sessions.

Top 10 Large Touch Screen Monitors

Here are our top picks for the best large touch screen monitors for collaborative workspaces:

  1. Dell C8621QT: This 85.6-inch 4K interactive touch monitor offers a massive display with 20-point multi-touch capabilities, perfect for conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

  2. ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP8650: With an 86-inch 4K display and advanced touch technology, this monitor delivers an immersive and responsive touch experience for seamless collaboration.

  3. Samsung QB85R: The 85-inch 4K UHD display with multi-touch functionality makes this monitor ideal for interactive meetings and presentations.

  4. LG 86TR3BF: Boasting an 86-inch 4K UHD screen and intuitive touch controls, this monitor is designed for collaborative environments and flexible workspaces.

  5. NEC MultiSync C861Q: This 86-inch 4K UHD display features ShadowSense touch technology, providing accurate and responsive touch interactions for group collaboration.

dual large touch screen monitors in meeting room
  1. Sharp PN-L862B: With an 85.6-inch 4K LCD panel and 10-point multi-touch functionality, this monitor is perfect for interactive presentations and collaborative sessions.

  2. Avocor ALZ-8620: The 86-inch 4K interactive display with InGlass™ touch technology offers a smooth and precise touch experience for enhanced collaboration.

  3. Newline TRUTOUCH X9: Featuring an 86-inch 4K display and advanced infrared touch technology, this monitor delivers exceptional clarity and responsiveness for collaborative workspaces.

  4. Promethean ActivPanel Titanium 86: This 86-inch 4K interactive display with 20-point touch capabilities is designed for immersive collaboration and interactive learning environments.

  5. BenQ RP8602: The 86-inch 4K UHD interactive flat panel with multi-touch support and built-in whiteboarding software makes this monitor a versatile solution for collaborative meetings.

team brainstorming on large touch screen display

Choosing the Right Large Touch Screen Monitor

When selecting a large touch screen monitor for your collaborative workspace, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Determine the appropriate screen size based on your room dimensions and the number of participants.
  • Resolution: Opt for 4K UHD resolution for crisp and detailed visuals.
  • Touch Technology: Look for monitors with responsive and accurate touch capabilities, such as infrared or capacitive touch.
  • Connectivity: Ensure the monitor has the necessary ports and wireless connectivity options to integrate with your existing setup.
  • Software Compatibility: Check if the monitor is compatible with your preferred collaboration software and tools.

By investing in a high-quality large touch screen monitor, you can create a dynamic and interactive environment that encourages collaboration, boosts productivity, and enhances the overall workplace experience.

team collaborating on giant touch screen in modern office

Embrace the power of large touch screen monitors and transform your collaborative workspace into a hub of innovation and teamwork. With the right tools and technology, your team can unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results.


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