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Transforming Tenant Experience: Strategies for Property Owners

In this blog post, property owners will learn valuable strategies to improve tenant experience, increase physical occupancy, streamline security, provide appealing amenities, and gather tenant feedback to create a thriving workplace community.

Transforming Tenant Experience: Strategies for Property Owners

In today's evolving work landscape, property owners face the challenge of attracting and retaining tenants in their buildings. As tenants re-evaluate their real estate needs, it's crucial for property owners to prioritize tenant experience. By implementing effective strategies, you can transform your building into a thriving workplace community that tenants, employees, and visitors love.

modern office lobby with smiling receptionist

Increase Physical Occupancy with Accessibility

Making your building easily accessible is the first step in encouraging tenants to work on-site. Consider implementing the following measures:

  • Arrange shuttle services or negotiate commuter benefits
  • Provide a secure bike room and encourage carpooling
  • Utilize a multi-tenant visitor management system to optimize parking allocation
  • Offer parking reservations and additional valet staff during busy days

Streamline Security Throughout the Building

Ensure that tenants and visitors have an effortless yet secure experience when accessing your building:

  • Integrate an access control provider with your visitor management system
  • Establish a central security checkpoint at the building's front desk
  • Use a multi-tenant visitor management system that assigns badges to verified visitors
  • Automatically notify tenants when their visitors check-in
modern office building security checkpoint

Provide Perks and Amenities for Tenants and Visitors

Transform your building into a modern environment that inspires collaboration and focus by offering:

  • Variety of work spaces, including conference rooms, co-working areas, focus booths, and community lounges
  • Comfortable seating in the lobby and smart lockers for visitor luggage
  • Amenities like hot coffee, outdoor seating, smart thermostats, and good lighting

Regularly Collect and Act on Tenant Feedback

Solicit unstructured feedback from tenants about their broader experiences within the building:

  • Send out monthly surveys with quantifiable questions and open text responses
  • Measure sentiment trends over time and capture timely verbatim feedback
  • Communicate building improvements and policy changes to tenants promptly
tenants providing feedback on a survey

Adopt a Tenant-First Approach with the Right Technology

When evaluating technology solutions, prioritize tools that integrate with your tenants' existing systems, such as Outlook, Teams, or Slack. WOX Connect is a powerful platform that enables property owners to centralize visitor management, integrate with building access control systems, and provide real-time property analytics.

By implementing these strategies and leveraging the right technology, property owners can create a secure environment and a seamless tenant experience that boosts retention and attracts new tenants.

happy tenants collaborating in a modern office space

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